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Hello, and thank you for popping by In Green’s Plastic Free shop.

Did you know:

So, here it is. After taking much longer than I initially thought it would (I started the prep for this shop in 2015) I am finally the proud, optimistic and thankful owner of an online plastic free shop. The shop is an extension of my blog, shedreamsingreen, but also marks the beginning of a new era in my life, one that intends to tread even more gently on our planet.

I mentioned a little bit about ‘why a plastic free shop’ in my ‘About’ page, which by the way was about 20 times longer and was accompanied by a Facts page! I realised that those of you who pass by this shop and blog will already gather I am vehemently against plastic, and that also as this is just the beginning of what is hopefully a long and fruitful journey, then of course there is  plenty of time to share with you all my thoughts, feelings, frustration (and how to deal with them), ideas, collaborations(if anyone has any ideas/wants to collab?!) films to watch, events to attend…this will all be delivered at a more digestible pace as In Green’s evolves. I.e, it doesn’t all have to be said in one breath on the opening day! That’s a relief as the ever growing ‘Facts’ page, where I has a LOT of  info about straws, cups, bags, multi-packs, marine life and so on, was the main reason my shop launch was as ‘delayed’ as it was.

A little about me: 

I started my blog shedreamsingreen in 2011 after I completed the NCTJ Dip in Journalism. I always knew SDIG would be an important part of my life, as it is still a place I channel so much passion into, a subject I have always cared about: our planet. It was during 2012 that I stopped buying as many first-hand clothes as possible, started reevaluating my life and tried to live more gently and lessen my own personal impact on the planet-something that is in our control.

In 2014, when we relocated from London to Bristol, I felt ever more engaged with sustainable living. I discovered Scoop Away (initially through links on Instagram) and started visiting this lovely shop and buying their loose produce.

In December 2016 I saw A Plastic Ocean. It wasn’t that I was unaware of the problems plastic posed. I had already given up on single-use water bottles, straws, bags etc, but the extent of a problem as huge as this, is often difficult to comprehend. Plastic Ocean ‘helped’ to illustrate the extent of the problem in a visual way, that wasn’t just shocking, but was incredibly sad too. Trust me, if you haven’t seen this film, firstly I urge you to watch it. Secondly, I guarantee it will make you cry and you will not be the same person leaving as you were arriving. You WILL notice plastic in and on things you hadn’t even questioned before and it will undoubtedly leave a mark. Without this film I would perhaps not have felt the true scope of plastic pollution. I really hope they show this film in schools…And this compelled me to pursue my Plastic Free shop concept with gusto. A Plastic Free shop isn’t merely a place to make better decision on our consumerism, it is also an opportunity to spread the message of plastic’s destructiveness. As I grow I hope to attend markets and festivals, where I will be equipped with information to help people understand better the problems of plastic.

In April of this year, I attended an event on Zero Waste living where Bea Johnson shared with us her tips on how to achieve a zero waste life. This event had a big impact on me, mainly because her talk made zero waste sound a lot easier than we all imagine it to be. If you haven’t already, then I urge you to read up about Bea Johnson. Her lifestyle is all about ‘collecting memories not things’, and even if we just adapt to a few of her zero waste habits,  it can make a small but positive dent.

The shop’s future: 

I am still trying to source some key items I think are vital if we are to #ditchthedisposables and one that’s very important is the safety razor. I hope to introduce this in the coming months.

I am also bringing out organic cotton and cotton mesh produce bags, these should arrive by January!

Thank you for popping by. be plastic free. be green. be happy. 

Lowri xx

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