What’s new at in greens HQ?

Since the pandemic started last March, many things were put on hold for us at in greens trade. I am sure many businesses can relate to this. We were planning a fancy new website, a new brand, bamboo toilet roll and more! We were stifled by the speed at which normal life changed and grew cautious with our expansion plans. In many ways, we just rode out the waves of the pandemic along with everyone else, and made only a few changes to our current set-up, namely adding to our range of sustainable products.

We added a number of beauty products including our lovely bamboo hair brushes with bamboo pins on a rubber cushion. We also added the soap saver made of sisal, both of which fast became best-sellers! Have you seen these yet? What do you think? We would love to hear your feedback.

You might have already noticed that we have added a Special Offer section where customers can buy in multiples of 10 to save 10% off the original trade price. This includes coconut bowls and toothbrushes. Let us know if you would like to see anything else added here sold in multiples of 10- always up for suggestions!

At this point we are still cautiously optimistic that daily life will continue on a steady return to normality, and are excited to launch BOO, our our brand of bamboo toilet paper. The BOO range will be available from in greens trade by the summer all being well.

Did you know that bamboo toilet paper uses less water and energy than recycled toilet paper? In addition, BOO is going to be completely unbleached and chemical free, exactly as it should be and will therefore be the colour of warm biscuit. We will certainly keep everyone in the loop about when BOO roll lands in the UK!

We send out positive thoughts to all our stockists weathering this unusual storm! And hope that all businesses can enjoy some level of recovery in the coming months!

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