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in greens is a business that can be neatly divided into three parts. Firstly we are an online sustainable eco shop selling everyday items of use, founded in 2017 by Lowri. We are proud to lay claim to being the UK’s first exclusively plastic free shop. Our range focuses on items that are circular, either through composting or infinite recycling. As such, most of the items that we stock are totally compostable when the item reaches the end of its use. These include our bamboo, sisal and coconut brushes and the entire cotton range.

This is a core principle of our business model: from production, to consumer, to the end of its usefulness, we want to ensure our products are as gentle as can be. That’s why we select circular (as well as useful) items.  Otherwise, any products that cannot be composted, the stainless steel straws for example, are infinitely recyclable. We believe that a circular and intentional approach to the way we live everyday, big and small, is the only way we can truly  address our over consumption and begin to live in unison again with the natural world. 

Secondly, we focus on our wholesale business. A lot of our customers are independents, we have over 1000 registered UK based shops and also an increasing presence in continental Europe. We try to offer the best deals we possibly can in order to show our support to the independents keeping our high street’s alive. 

Thirdly, we have newly established a long awaited ambition of Lowris’, the B2B trade directory. With such an extensive knowledge of plastic free shops as well as independent makers, creators and businesses in the UK, we wanted to bridge the gap between potential stockist and maker. We hope this B2B trade directory will grow and flourish and shine a light on some hidden gems based right here in the UK!

GOTS: The acronym stands for, The Global Organic Textile Standard. It is a hugely important organisation in the present day due to the textile industry being massively overextended due largely to the Wests demands for fast-fashion. GOTS stepped in to address the problem. Their aim is to protect seed, farmer as well as garment workers through their initiative. One of GOTS central pillars is to ensure all farms and factories that have been certified by their organisation consistently meet their criteria. This includes meeting the needs of their staff, in the garment factories most of the workforce are women. GOTS carry out random spot checks, and any farm or factory falling foul of these core principles will be penalised for a fixed period, during which time the farm nor factory will be unable to carry the GOTS label. More information on their method can be found on their website.

As a company, we appreciate the rigorous standards of GOTS. Not only does it reassure consumers seeking to support a fairer textile industry, their presence also serves to demonstrate that the highest possible standards within the textile industry can be practically achieved. All of our cotton products are made in GOTS certified factories. 

Cruelty Free: All of our products are made from plants, ensuring that no animals were harmed in the process. While we aren’t certified as a vegan brand, we are a vegan company. 

Eden Reforestation: A tree planting charity, Eden Reforestation empowers locals and business owners to play their part in the climate emergency. It is said that planting indigenous trees can the single most effective way to mitigate the impacts of our warming planet, the direct result of climate change. Each month we make a monetary contribution to Eden Reforestation. This money goes directly into grass roots projects in some of the worlds poorest regions and communities. The money is spent employing local people who then spend their time planting tree and managing their growth. We have worked with Eden Reforestation since 2020 and have contributed to the planting of more than 50,000 trees. 

Our future: these past 2-years have proved to be a tricky time for our small business. Any business owner will tell you that. Yet, we are still really hopefully that there will be renewed interest in sustainable living practises and that consumer habits will reflect this.

W H O L E S A L E : all of the products available in our shop are available to buy at wholesale. If you are a business seeking to stock any of our products please click this link. You will be redirected to our registration page.

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