Running an online shop is not without its own waste issues. Even though we consider this platform a place to be a conscious consumer, we acknowledge we will build up packaging.

We have put measures in place to ensure we are responsible and try to lessen our environmental impact.

We have asked all of our suppliers to refrain from using plastic when packing our items. In the factory world, poly bags, bubble wrap and styrofoam are commonplace.

Understandably the items need to remain intact, yet not at the cost of the environment. So far, all suppliers have accommodated our no plastic.

For example, our bamboo supplier made s an enormous cotton bags instead of bubble wrap, our stainless steel straws arrived loose with newspaper, and the straw cleaners arrived wrapped together in wire.

Our coconut bowls were individuals wrapped in used newspaper.

Most importantly we reuse everything to send our own orders.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Your Parcels

For months in the lead up to the launch we have been saving packaging and also asked neighbours and friends to donate theirs.

We haven’t invested in any packaging yet, when we do, we can assure you it will be from a sustainable source.

At the moment, your orders are packaged in a circular economic way, that you can continue.

We make the ‘padding’ from shredding junk mail and books that are falling apart or use newspaper.


Plastic sellotape is rife in packaging. We are looking for a company that specialises in recycling sellotape and hope they will be happy to receive the sellotape that mounts from our inbound deliveries. So watch this space!

Paper Parcel Tape

We don’t use sellotape we use paper based tape that can be recycled or can biodegrade.

Our Packaging

We have streamlined our packaging so you can either add it to your paper recycling or you can reuse it. Paper tap doesn’t always rip as it’s gentler than sellotape, so we encourage you to reuse wherever you need and can!