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Knowledge is Power: Documentaries to watch during lock-down

Here is a list of documentaries we have watched in recent years and think they are worth sharing here, to watch during lock-down.

They are each in their own way, exposing and challenging the modern crises we are participating in (to varying degrees) and living with: fast fashion, plastic pollution, soil degradation and the modern food system, to name just a few.

They each reflect the complexities of the problems the globe faces, and that these have come about largely through man’s own irresponsible choices. For example, Seed: The Untold Story, exposes the damage the ownership of seeds by large conglomerates such as the infamous Monsanto and their experiments are having on people. The documentary  also shows how pesticide and insecticide use in farming crops is causing severe soil degradation. This in turn increases the risk of drought and flooding as the soil is too dry to operate effectively, as a result of the overuse of chemicals. This has led to  the complete obliteration of crops and livelihood’s. This sequence of events has already led to a depressingly high number  farmers committing suicides in India.

Overall, most of the documentaries here highlight that it is the poor, and often voiceless, that sufferers the most in all of this,  due to the Western nations habitual outsourcing and quest for cheap labour.

Yet, in the midst of despair, we can be thankful for at least one thing: that we have never been more empowered by the resources of knowledge available to us than we are today.  And this is demonstrable on many levels, but crucially  (but not limited to) the impacts this information has had on the global youth.

More young people than ever are mobilising in a united effort, to pressurise their own governments to bring about urgent and necessary changes that can slow down, and then with time, reverse the otherwise apocalyptic impact of global warming. We can call it the Greta effect, proving that ,“No one is too small to make a difference.”

All of the issues that are tackled in the documentaries below are interconnected in an extremely complex web that is  sadly underpinned by a dangerous and manipulative force: neo-liberal capitalism and a stubborness by many in power unable or unwilling to conceive that another world is possible. 

Do you have any suggestions? Leave a comment below, our list is ever growing.

SEED: The Untold Story (2016) *You can rent or buy this documentary from YouTube (click on the link below, NB not an affiliate link)

The True Cost (2015) 

A Plastic Ocean (2016)


Riverblue (2016) click here to redirect to their website

Pig Business (click here to be redirected to their website: Farms Not Factories)

The Minimalists (2018) Click here to be redirected to their website . Their documentary is available to buy or rent from YouTube (see below) It was also available on Netflix last we checked

Michael Moore presents: Planet of the Human (2020) *Free to watch on YouTube – click below 


NB: All documentary reviews will be individual posts 


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