Plastic Free Shopping

World’s first plastic-free aisle opens in Netherlands supermarket

This article makes me so happy. Even though it can be seen as tokenism, and it will serve to pronounce the ridiculous amount of plastic and other packaging existent in supermarkets at the moment,¬† at least it shows that supermarkets are responding to pressures being put on them by their consumers, by this introduction of a plastic free aisle. Here’s the article:

In my view, supermarkets are going to have to embrace the growing trend towards drastically reducing, even eliminating the waste we produce every single time we go shopping. It cannot continue not least because as consumers we aren’t going to tolerate it, and this is because the extent of plastic pollution and its negative impact on the environment at large is known and being increasingly publicised.

A¬† number of key events, such as the release of the video of the turtle with a straw in its nostril, which went viral, and the acclaimed documentary Plastic Oceans has had huge affects on the public’s consciousness¬† and many are setting about adopting small changes in their lives to help curb their own personal waste contribution.

Zero waste, a lifestyle that encourages us to live by the five R’s: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot,. A lifestyle that is increasing in its popularity here in the UK with a number of package free shops opening in Bristol, Birmingham and Yorkshire. Those who observe a zero waste lifestyle send as little as they can to landfill. Bea Johnson and Lauren Singer produce a small jar of waste per year, by simply adapting their lives to a zero waste lifestyle.


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