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Going zero waste: Where To…Recycle Inhalers and Contact Lens Equipment

This is our WASTE section. It is a section dedicated entirely to information on where we can send the seemingly unrecyclables  to be re-purposed, upcycled or recycled responsibly. 

As we know, there is a limit to what we are able to recycle curbside, but that doesn’t mean it needs to end up in landfill. This is exactly why this new addition to our blog will continue to be updated with information and links to what we should do with the items our local councils recycling schemes currently reject.

Going Zero Waste: Where To…Recycle Inhalers and Contact Lens Equipment

It isn’t always easy to lead a zero waste lifestyle. Some alternatives are easy to find as we make the switch to food and cleaning products with less packaging (loose veg and refillable bottles). However, some types of waste can feel unavoidable. Disposable products that are essential for some people’s wellbeing such as medical inhalers and contact lenses cannot be put in most council run recycling schemes. Fear not – there’s no need to chuck them in the bin! There are some private companies that offer free recycling services. Here’s where to find them:


Did you know that 73 million inhalers are prescribed in the UK every year? That’s a lot of waste. Medical company GlaxoSmithKline run an inhaler recycling scheme called Complete The Cycle. Use this link to find your nearest drop off point. If there isn’t one near to you, why not ask your closest doctors surgery or pharmacy to join the scheme.

Contact lenses and packaging: 

TerraCycle® has joined with  ACUVUE® to run a free contact lens recycling programme. They accept all brands of soft lenses and ‘blister’ style packaging. Use this link to find your closest Terracycle point. If there isn’t a drop off point near to you, it’s free to join Terracycle as a member, and there are free postage labels to send your contact lens waste to the scheme.

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