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I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front recently,that’s because it has been crazy at in green’s HQ and , running it all by myself means very little for other aspects of the shop, such as blogging! Yet, it’s ironic as I actually LOVE blogging. And I must remember that blogging about sustainable living was where this all began way back in 2011. Therefore I will always try to nurture this as much as  I can, whenever there is a window of opportunity.

I just thought I would take this particular opportunity to introduce a couple of great new products that have recently been added and then talk about a few of my current favs!

Make up! We finally managed to track down this great refillable make up palette. It is by Bo.Ho who give 1% of their profits to the planet. Read more about this initiative here.  I  always intended to start to build up a make up range, but kept getting requests to start NOW! So I finally started researching and this seemed the only plastic free option available that was also, vegan, cruelty free and with natural and organically derived ingredients.

We then managed to source a wonderful, handmade in Bristol insect repellent and balm containing the much revered CBD oil. 

The Insect Repellent and Bite relief Balm is produced by CBD Bristol, a local company who specialise in balms that contain the healing CBD oil.

organic ingredients for mum’s bump for during pregnancy and after

We also added the Moon Belly Oil to enjoy during your pregnancy. It contain organically infused oils and is made in Margate.

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