The Amazing Vegetable Brush

I always think of veg brushes as plastic potatoes with little eyes and nylon bristles (YUK)!! Well, these days  we seem to be travelling back to ‘traditional’ brushes, AKA plastic free, wooden brushes with bristles derived from plants not plastic.

We have always had big plans to expand on our brush range. Being a tiny business we might seem to add things slowly, We also try to research as much as we can, which can also take time.

However, it is with great delight we introduce another new member to the plastic free in green’s family: the vegetable brush.

I really hope that your vegetable as covered in lovely thick soil, not only so you can put this brush to its intended life purpose, but also it means your picking the vegetable that likely lived the good life and were nurtured on a farm…

When we look back at the ‘history’ of brushes, we see that they were always derived from natural sources, even if this means pig hair, I would pick pig hair any day over nylon. We just got a bit sidetracked by the supermarket, and their cunning ways to try to beguile us with everything plastic: plastic brush, scrubber, scouter, gloves, you names it. We overlooked traditional hardware stores (or sustainable online shops like ours) but I really think consumers are growing more conscious about what they buy and we will see more wooden based brushes in kitchens in place of plastic. They will nce again become the norm!


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