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So what’s new at in greens?

We have recently expanded our range of plastic free items, to help us all live more sustainable lifestyles. We are trying to cover as many areas as possible, and are happy to have expanded our offering to now include body butter, lip balm in a compostable tube and a number of plastic free stationary items for everyday life and crafting.  Here are few lovely new lines we have welcomed to the family.

First off is the lovely Happy Holistics. Happy Holistic is a wonderful range of skincare and soap made by Kelly. All Kelly’s products are Soil Association approved and many come in compostable tubes and tubs. Kelly hand makes these in South Gloucestershire, quite close to Bristol, and hand delivers her orders! I met Kelly at the Zero Waste Fair at the Uni. I loved the scent coming from her stand. I also love her principles – many of her products are completely vegan, and use only Soil Association approved ingredients. Take a look at some of the lovely products below.

We have also expanded on Plastic Free Stationary. We have introduced a newspaper pencil. This pencil is made in India and entirely from discadred newspapers. We stock both plain and with seeds, which means at the end of its life, it can become part of your herb garden! I will write more about Happy Pencils in the next post.


We have also introduced the much needed recycled paper tape! Many of you were asking where we sourced our tape, so we decided to include it in our Stationary section. This is excellent to replace the need for sellotape when you do your packing, we envisage this to be very popular at Christmas time. It also streamlines your packaging, making it easy for the recipient to put all the wrapping directly in the paper bin to be recycled. POssibly to become more recycled paper tape!

Reusable Sellotape

Another addition to the shop is our plastic free and toxic free glue! Made in Italy using almonds and potatoes (yup, potatoes!) this glue is perfect if you love almonds or are simply, and more importantly, trying to eliminate the plastic glue stick! The traditional tin comes equipped with an applicator brush, which we need to make clear is made from pig hair, therefore, unsuitable for vegans who avoid animal products. This glue is perfect for crafting or like us, we use it to glue our address labels to your orders.

Natural Glue

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