Covid 2020

Pandemic and Pollution

It would be nigh on inescapable to go through a day and not talk, think, hear or read about the pandemic we are living through.

Even if its reached that point you deliberately avoid the news bulletins to have a bit of a “break,” given how ubiquitous the pandemic has become: it has taken over our lives, which means even with great effort, it would be hard to pretend it out of existence. I guess such is the nature of pandemics.

Being told to do as little as possible of course has many benefits. And yet, many of us will know that it has almost as many, if not more drawbacks.

Personally, I am exhausted. My son is 4-years old, bouncing with energy, wakes early, sleeps late. And we are together 24/7. I know I am lucky too. I live in a country where there is a free health service. The Government is (finally) acting and trying to protect their citizens. It could be so much worse. And in these moments my mind wanders to India. A country of over a billion, and home to at least 250-million citizens living below the poverty line.

I know everything is deeply subjective during times of uncertainy, and that we all react differently regardless of material comforts.

I read the news today…

Something that cannot have gone unnoticed, even if you are trying to live in a “Covid-free” bubble,  and are avoiding the daily news briefings as much as possible. It would be hard to ignore completely the pollution levels dropping as dramatically as they have, fish in Venice’s notoriously polluted canals for the first time in —- years, the sound of birdsong in our cities, sheep in ——.

Without humans going about their daily lives in all their idiosyncratic speed, as we had been right up until the point Boris Johnson declared a state of emergency and the inception of the now immortalised and frankly counter-intuitive /counter liberatrian  words: “Stay at home,” on the 24th March; right up until that minute, humans had been for over a century,  ruthlessly ignoring the planet’s natural balance, and living for the most part, completely out of sync with nature.

Instead, we humans have elevated our sense of superiority and prioritised ourselves, our own “needs” and our desires above all else, and particularly and fatally, above consequence. And  often many among us, happily live is blissful ignorance without any true proactive consideration (people will converse and acknowledge the threat of climate change/the warming of the planet,the melting of the ice caps, the dwindling polar bear population, and yet the same are happy to build a life around the need to take several flights per year) for the other living beings entitled to share this Earth alongside us, that were adversly affected by the way we have decided to live our life.





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