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We have recently expanded on our range products. We want it to be as easy as possible for you to avoid using plastic in your everyday life. With all the talk about plastic in tea bags, we decided it was time to expand our selection of tea infusers, here’s what we have added to in green’s:

We have added a large tea egg which are ideal for brewing loose tea in a teapot. The tea cup infuser for one cup is ideal forĀ  making individual cups of loose tea and a popular choice to have at the office. The one cup tea egg is equally brilliant and perfect for a cup of tea for one. The one cup tea egg comes with a small bowl where your tea egg will sit once your tea is infused.

We have also expanded on our Mum and Baby range and introduced he Bambu bay and kids range: the animal fork and spoon, the bamboo baby bowls, baby spoon and fork and the toddler and kids spork. All of which are produced by the reputable Bambu company who use organic bamboo from sustainable sources and produce all their ranges in an ethical and fair way.

We now offer the ‘large square tiffin’ and also introduced a thali divided plate, both of which are produced by Slice of Green and made from robust stainless steel that is infinitely recyclable.

We also expanded on our coconut product range by introducing a coconut hair dish brush by Save Some Green’s and a Coconut fibre Safix pad for the body. The brush head and handle can be composted, but we need to remove the metal and the coconut fibre pad and paper will easily biodegrade.

Finally, we have now introduced sets of ten make up wipes in combination on mixed colours half and full circle, or full circle in pure white organic cotton. These are handmade in North England by the lovely Honour your Flow and replace the need for us to buy single use cotton wipes. That means not only will they reduce waste but in the long rung they’ll save us money too. And the best part, they’re GOTS certified organic!



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