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Bamboo Cutlery Set (Child)

Smaller than the adult bamboo set, and easier to hold. These are ideal for out and about with your brood to help you avoid single-use cutlery. Carry with you in your bag.

Bamboo cutlery is lightweight which is why they’re ideal for taking on picnics or eating out.

These are made from a single piece of bamboo, shaped and finished. Because bamboo is more durable than wood, is heat & stain resistant and is ideal for non-stick cookware. We recommend hand washing to prolong life. The sets are lightly treated with olive oil.

We are bringing out an organic carry pouch in January!

Bambu Baby Fork and Spoon

Another great addition to our plastic free parent and baby range are these organic Bambu fork and spook sets. As usual, they’re sustainable, made responsibly and completely plastic free. Ideal  for weaning and allowing your little one to practice safely.

These go brilliantly with our Bambu baby bowls.

Bambu Kid’s Fork and Spoon Set

Bambu’s newest addition to their organic bamboo range is this kid’s fork and spoon set. With cute little animal engravings, mealtimes will be all the more fun!! Keep it natural, sustainable and #platicefree with these cute little kid’s spoons!



Bambu Kid’s Spork

This lovely little organic bamboo spork- fork and spoon in one-is the perfect companion to our Bambu bowls. Additionally great when you are and about and want to #refusesingleuse plastic plastic cutlery. What makes this spork even more appealing to busy parents is that it’s dishwasher safe- bonus!

Keep plastic away from your little ones, and opt instead for  completely natural, sustainable materials such as bamboo. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are much healthier for your offspring. Plastic isn’t healthy for humans, wildlife or our planet, read more here.