8 Simple Steps Towards Living a Plastic-Free Life

We all know that a plastic infestation poses a serious threat to the planet, but most of us are still struggling to cut it out of our lives. Living plastic-free is a difficult transition, however, it is not impossible. There are people who have succeeded in totally cutting it out of their lives.

People are Living Plastic-Free

Erin Rhoads has been living plastic-free since July 2013. The Australian who runs a popular eco-friendly website—The Rogue Ginger, unearthed plastic-free alternatives to almost everything in her life, including makeup, shopping, fashion, cooking travelling and more.

The environmental activist believes she has been saddled with a global mission to teach individuals how to whittle down plastic pollution. According to her, doing that guarantees us happier and healthier lives.

In 2007, while recovering some surgery, Beth Terry read the story of how a toothbrush, cigarette lighters and plastic bottle caps were found in a dead bird’s belly.

The story pressured Beth to appraise her consumption habits and stop buying anything plastic. Today, she runs a widely-read blog—MyPlastic-Free Life. On the blog, Beth shares her worthwhile experiences on plastic-free substitutes and shows businesses how they can be environmentally sustainable.

Is it Possible to Live Plastic-Free?

Plastic is closely knitted to our everyday lives. It is almost impossible to imagine life without plastic. However, Erin and Beth have proved that it is possible to live a life not ruled by plastic or submerged in waste.

In fact over the years, the pursuit of a zero waste and plastic-free life has become more feasible as people demand more eco-friendly solutions for their lifestyles.

Do you want to take a stand against the outrageous plastic waste taking over the earth’s landfills? Here are 8 simple steps you can take towards living a plastic-free life.

Mesh Veggie Bags


  1. Reusable Shopping Bags

Avoid using disposable plastic bags, particularly when shopping. Use reusable canvas produce bags or put your purchases into a messenger bag or backpack.

Chico Bags are popular reusable shopping bags. They are made from synthetic material and easily compressible. This makes it very easy for you to take them everywhere you go!

  1. Find Plastic Replacements

A major struggle of living plastic-free is finding worthwhile replacements for all those products you use that contain plastic. These products contain plastic or come in plastic containers, needless to say, going plastic-free can prove to be a herculean task.

However, a step in the right direction is to start using stuff that are plastic-free. Make your own lotions, grow your own fruits and patronize plastic free shops for all your needs.

  1. Bye Bye Bottled Water

Many bottled brands are simply filtered tap water. Apart from these discarded bottles posing a danger to the environment, most of these bottles are lined with chemicals which leach into the water that you drink. You want to satisfy your thirst, but why take a chance on your health?

Use a reusable stainless steel bottle like Jerry Bottles a travel mug. Take it everywhere you go, refill it accordingly.

  1. No Beverages in Plastic Bottles

Make the decision of eating fresh fruits instead of buying juice in a bottle. This eases the burden of getting rid of disposable bottles. Avoid sugary sodas as much as you can. However, if you want a little fizz in your life, get a Soda Stream Penguin Soda maker. This soda maker is made of plastic and the reusable C02 cartridges are reusable.

  1. Shop at Local Farm Markets

Farmer’s markets offer a great way to buy fresh food without plastic. Remember to bring your own reusable shopping bags. Usually, fruits and veggies at these markets do not come with plastic stickers. You also get to buy bread in paper bags or no bags at all.

  1. Make Baking Soda Your Best Friend

Instead of sticking to a deodorant from a plastic soda, use baking soda mixed with several drops of tea tree oil. Apply it to your underarms, using reusable cotton wool. This baking soda solution lasts better than most deodorants advertised on TV.

Baking soda is cheap and comes in large cardboard boxes. You can use it for cleaning, disinfecting your house and washing dishes.

  1. Plastic-Free LaundryLiving Naturally Soap Nuts Bag

Instead of washing with conventional laundry detergents that are packed in plastic-lined cardboards or plastic jugs, utilize the many alternatives, available out there such as Soap Nuts.

You can wash clothes with organic soapberries. These special berries are also called soap nuts and are made from the Sapindus Mukorossi fruit popularly grown in Nepal.

Soapberries provided you with the ultimate non-plastic laundry experience. Soap nuts come in calico bags that can be reused. They are grey water and septic safe as well as devoid of any chemicals.

Coconut soap is another plastic free laundry powder. It is non-toxic and suitable for sensitive skins because it contains no synthetic ingredients or chemicals.

  1. Whiten With Oxygen Bleach

Biome is an oxygen bleach that comes in a reusable glass jar. It is made of 100% natural sodium percarbonate.

Biome is well-suited for brightening whites and for getting rid of stubborn stains. Oxygen bleach is not anything like chlorine bleach. It is palm oil free and vegan. Biome shares some similarities with coconut soap, it is septic and grey water safe as well as biodegradable.

Be a Friend of the Planet

When you decide to live a plastic-free life, you leave a positive impression on the planet. You leave it in great shape for future generations. When we decide to stave waste from taking over our oceans and littering our landfills, we whittle down the adverse effects of global warming.

Make these eco-friendly adjustments to your life and inspire those around you to do the same. Living a plastic-free life is a worthwhile cause. No matter our creed, colour or culture, we all live on the same planet. And how we treat this planet affects us all in the same way.

One person living a plastic-free life is never going to make any glaring changes. However, one person can motivate one person, who in turn inspires two more people and the domino effects goes on and the results become more tangible.

Let me know ways that you try to live a plastic-free life in the comments below.








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