Stainless Steel Tea Egg with Rest 40mm


This is another great option for brewing you loose tea in a cup or mug. It is perfect for loose leaf or herb tea and comes with a practical little rest, to keep things tidy! We love this one as it’s easily transportable if you’re on the go and wishing to keep it #plasticfree then consider investing in this little tea ball. The chain has a hook, that hooks onto your mug which means it won’t get lost in your cup!

Have a read of this article to find out why over packaged tea needs to GO and why loose leaf tea was the past and is the future, and in between we started adding all kinds of crazy ingredients like PLASTIC to our tea bags! and it had nothing to do with making our tea drinking experience better, but everything to do with profit! Planet before profit please! Loose tea is also one billion times tastier, why we ever became a nation of teabag tea drinkers, we’ll never know

When we searching for loose tea sieves and infusers, we took a while to find a supplier that would be able to provide them #plasticfree. Your tea ball will come in a small cardboard box and no plastic!

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