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Going Zero Waste: Where To…Recycle Toothbrushes and Packaging from Cosmetics

Toothbrushes and Dental Care

Everyone needs to keep their teeth clean, and it’s advisable to replace your toothbrush regularly to keep your mouth in tip-top condition. Our bamboo toothbrushes are amazing! Bamboo is a fast growing, sustainable crop. When you have finished with a bamboo brush, just take out the bristles with pliers and pop it in the compost, or use it as kindling! We also sell two brands of toothpaste in glass jars. However, plastic free dental products aren’t suitable for everyone: sufferers of gingivitis or peridontitis may need to use specialist toothpaste or an electric toothbrush. It might just be that lazy housemates or forgetful visitors have left you with a mountain of plastic brushes! Luckily the people at TerraCycle have teamed up with Colgate to offer a free recycling service for all brands of oral care products including:
  • clean toothpaste tubes
  • dental floss packaging
  • toothbrush packaging
  • electric toothbrush heads
  • used toothbrushes (including bamboo ones!)

There are drop-off points around the country, you can find your closest one on this map. If there isn’t one nearby, why not try to set one up at your local dental surgery! It’s also free to join TerraCycle as an individual, and join the programme. When you have collected a parcel of waste to recycle, just download a label and arrange a free courier collection.

Cosmetic Packaging:
Skincare products are another thing that’s down to individual choice. If you’ve got problem skin and use a particular brand, it can take a while to find a plastic free alternative that works. If you’re transitioning to zero waste products and have got old cosmetic packaging you need to dispose of (that can’t go in your home recycling) there are quite a few free recycling schemes that you can use!

French skincare company L’Occitane offer a free recycling scheme for all brands of cosmetic packaging. You can take the following into any of their stores and receive a 10% off voucher for your next purchase:


  • Beauty packaging such as lip balm tubes, makeup remover bottles and pumps, fragrances bottles and pumps, and deodorant sticks.
  • Skin care packaging such as face mask packaging, refill pouches, and dispensers and tubes for soap, facial cleansers and body lotions.
  • Hair care packaging such as pumps and caps from shampoo and conditioner bottles, hair care dispensers and containers, hair product trigger heads, and refill pouches.
Find out more about the scheme here.
Neal’s Yard Remedies will also take all brands of the following items for recycling: 
  • Pumps and Atomisers
  • Facial/Beauty Wipes Packets
  • Superfood Pouches
  • Empty Sample Sachets.
Find out more here.
TerraCycle work with Garnier to offer the Personal Care and Beauty Programme which accepts all brands of:
  • hair colouring kits
  • plastic roll-on deodorant tubes
  • beauty wipes packets
  • pumps and sprays
  • beauty product lids and caps
  • flexible plastic tubes
Use this map to find your closest location.
The materials reclaimed from old toothbrushes and cosmetic packaging can be made into loads of things including tables, playground equipment, benches and garden planters! TerraCycle recycle 97% of their collected waste. You can find out more about the process here.

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