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Chewsy: Spearmint (10 pieces)


There’s been a lot of controversy recently about plastic being in tea. Well, in fact plastic also found its way into chewing gum. Yup! That’s right most chewing gum readily available on supermarket shelves and your local shop contains a plastic based gum. That is until now.

Chewsy is the only UK based company to introduce plastic free gum to the market in three flavours, Lemon, Peppermint and Mint. Their gum is made from five natural ingredients derived from trees and plants! Furthermore, Chewsy doesn’t contain sugar or artificial sweetener.

Unlike most chewing gum, Chewsy is biodegradeable and therefore suitable for the food waste bin.

Chewsy is packaged in a recycled paper box.

YLITOL from the birch tree; CHICLE GUM BASE from the sapodilla tree; NATURAL FLAVOUR from the mint or lemon plant; GUM ARABIC from the acacia tree; SUNFLOWER LECITHIN from the sunflower plant

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