3 x White Sage Smudge Stick (Small)


3 x Smudge sticks

Smudge sticks are associated with ancient cleansing rituals and feature often when reading about the rituals of indigenous Americans.

What are Smudge Sticks? While they aren’t a common sight in the UK they are growing in popularity. Smudge sticks are basically dried herbs that have been bundled together, bound with string and intended to be burnt .

These days their used as a way of cleansing the air in our homes and are perfect to burn if you want to spring clean the house, after illness or just to make the house smell fresh and spicy, as their aroma is warming and will give your home a refreshed feeling!

These ones are made of white sage. White sage is thought to repel negative energy.

I put mine in a ceramic bowl and burn for a while in each room.

Please note one stick can be used over several days, or used up in one.

It will arrive plastic free wrapped in paper.

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