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Konjac face sponge


A Konjac is a flowering plant and the sponge is the dried root thought to have originated in Japan. It is now cultivated all over Asia and has become increasingly popular with those wanting sustainable options for skin cleansing and removing make-up. Because it’s a root, it is 100% biodegradable and can be thrown onto the compost heap where it will break down in no time.

Facts about the Konjac sponge:

  • This sponge is firm when dry and softens, turning slightly silky when you douse it with luke warm water. It can be used in much the same way as a muslin, and it will gently exfoliate your skin, leaving your complexion clear. The sponge will return to its original shape once dried.
  • The Konjac sponge can be used to remove make-up using your usual cleanser, quickly and naturally.
  • pH Balanced – Because they’re slightly alkaline they’re thought to be perfectly balanced for your skin
  • It is thought that due to the gentleness of the sponge, that the Konjac sponge is suitable for most skin types – especially combination or combination to oily skin.
  • They are 100% natural  fibre and nothing else.
  • With good care your sponge should last two to three months, ensure it dries completely between use
  • At the end of its life, add to your compost heap


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