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Truthpaste Mineral Toothpaste: Fennel (120grams)


Truthpaste was founded by Marisa who is based in Brighton. Marisa has been producing handmade toothpaste since 2013, firstly for herself and then friends, then later with the help of the Prince’s Trust who helped to get the business off the ground, she started selling to a wider audience. Today Truthpaste is sold in health shops across the UK and Europe, with rave reviews.

Truthpaste Mineral Toothpaste includes natural clay with aloe vera, neem and myrrh. It’s a non-foaming paste free from bleaching agents, artificial preservatives, colourants, fluoride, SLS and glycerine. Which  means it’s better for our bodies, our teeth and our planet. It is 100% microbead free too!

Truthpaste is also cruelty free and uses organic ingrendients where possible.

Your Turthpaste comes in a glass jar and metal lid, ideal for reuse once it’ finished.

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