Mutiny Mini Shave Set


This little box will change your life. Well, it will change the way you shave and also spare a fair few plastic razors from landfill.

The Mutiny mini contains:

1 x Safety Razors

5x Blades

1 x Vegan Shave soap (handmade and smells lush)

What’s more, it comes in a really cute paper box, which makes this a great gift.

It’s time to ditch the disposable razors and turn back time, and turn to the safety razor!

Although the following stats refer to the US, they’re still compelling.

The EPA estimates that 2 billion razors are thrown away each year. That’s outrageous, considering that you can’t recycle disposable razors in the U.S. You can recycle the steel blades (check with your local recycling center first), but your standard disposable razor is going to the landfill.

When you think about it, razors may be the most wasteful product we use in the bathroom.



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