Eco Femme Panty Liners x3 without PUL


3 pads per pack

Their pantyliners are ideal for daily discharge, spotting, your light flow days, or in combination with a menstrual cup or tampon for added protection.

With every pantyliner pack you purchase, you contribute one Eco Femme pad to a girl in India through our Pad for Pad program

Additional information:

  • 100% organic unbleached Indian cotton
  • Stitched in one piece
  • Top layer: cotton flannel in natural colour
  • Inner layers: 7 layers cotton flannel
  • Closes with one nickel-free metal push button
  • 30cm length x 7cm width when closed

How long will the pad last? With good care the Eco Femme pad will last 5-years or more. To find more answers to questions you might have, please visit their FAQ page.

Because of the way they’re packed, in a beautiful recycled paper packet, these make excellent gifts that can be paired with an Eco Femme Carry Pouch too.

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