Are you festival ready?

Festival season is upon us! Most of us love a good festival but if you heard the news recently, festivals can produce a lot of waste. Single-use plastic was once a common scene in festivals and come Monday, when the revelry is over and the clean up begins, there’s a lot of landfill waiting to be collected. Which is no longer going unnoticed or acceptable.

Green Man festival was one of the first the ban plastic straws and cups, which eradicates a huge amount of waste.

What else can we as the festival go-oer do to reduce our Festival Footprint?


1. Go prepared: water bottle, reusable straw, coffee cup (which can double up as your cider/beer/booze cup) cutlery, napkins

2. Refuse ALL single use plastic

3. Take a food box and take with you when you’re going to get your food

4 Take a small jar of washing up liquid to wash your reusables

5. Use the drinking water fountains provided

6. Use ECO GLITTER’s that are certified to biodegrade

7. Take a few produce bags for snacks

8. Use the recycling facilities and REJECT general waste bins

9. Just be responsible and Earth Friendly

What can you suggest to help us reduce our festival footprint?




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