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A Plastic Planet!

I just discovered this amazing website A Plastic Planet, aka APP. Check out the video below:

APP are pushing for the plastic tap to be switched off.

APP believe in straight talking about plastic. APP want to focus on the plastic on food and drink as 40% of plastic is used for this purpose. Interestingly, APP don’t want to demonise plastic as they acknowledge it started life as a ‘miracle’ material, rather they condemn it’s use a single-use material.

But then we started to use this miracle material for one-time uses. We packaged perishable food in it and made drinks bottles and everyday items from it. Once used, we simply threw it away. Without knowing that it would exist forever. We just didn’t know what we were doing. But now we do. We have misused this amazing plastic material. We have disrespected it and thrown it into our gutters, our fields and our oceans. -Source: A Plastic Planet

APP also accept that ‘we’re all guilty’ of being plastic addicts and therefore, shouldn’t play the blame game, rather they think brands, industry and supermarkets need to work together to come up with solutions. hey cite Iealand for taking the first steps towards a #plasticfree supermarket.

APP don’t believe that recycling is the answer because not only is it not working, but it also acts as a ‘comforter’ to those who are aware of the problem of plastic pollution, and to this end is counterproductive. APP favour easily recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, glass and compostlabe biomaterials, and want to switch the ‘plastic tap off’!

APP want to get rid of waste all together. We currently live by resource managements: a systems that divides our waste up, and dealt with in various ways including, recycling, landfill, incineration and sometimes industrial composting. APP prefer:

Source, Manufacture, Use .. and back to Source again.

Preferring biomaterials that can become part of the source again. (Even though bio-plastics have received negative feedback in recent months). According to APP:

It will require a seismic shift and substantial investment at Government level. But right now, the UK spend on ‘waste management’ is half per capita that spent in other European countries. We are dealing with waste on the cheap. And it is coming back to haunt us.

And if this projection is to be believed:

In 2060 it is predicted that there will be insufficient nutrients in our topsoil to grow our crops. Wouldn’t it be a positive revolution to use packaging that can be composted instead of landfilled to regenerate our depleted soils and sustain our farming? We think so. -Source: A Plastic Planet
MOST importantly (and we agree), APP don’t think naked food should be a luxury. Real food should be available to everyone. Finally, APP think taxing plastic is a red herring and in the context of plastic waste it is!  They don’t believe a plastic tax is the soul solution. How can a ‘latte levy’ really make that much difference to the epic scale of the problem.  Instead they believe:
Instead, APP believes a better way is to reward companies that do not use plastic packaging through tax breaks: The carrot, not the stick. Not only do positive incentives act as powerful levers for change, they can also inspire more thoughtful change.
Which is targeting the problem at its root.
Please visit their amazing website as it’s simply powerful: Plastic Planet !

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