Organic Cotton

A brilliant video about ORGANIC COTTON!

I thought I would open our first blog post by sharing this brilliant video all about organic cotton. Watch it.

So often we forget where the clothes we wear start life. This video takes it back to basics and refocuses on the farmers, who will be directly affected by their farming method. Conventional cotton farming compromises the farmers health which is something we should give a shit about.

Furthermore, conventionally farmed farmlands suffer when there are unexpected weather changes, particularly as the soil is often too dry to absorb and retain any unexpected rain water. If this does happen,  rain water  can sit on the surface and risks flooding and diminishing the farmers crops. Causing unimaginable damage to the farmers livelihood. This scenario is far less likely in organic farms as the soil is treated gently and therefore ready to adapt to changes.

“What you buy will be produced, what you don’t won’t” -William Lana, Co-Founder of Green Fibres

One thought on “A brilliant video about ORGANIC COTTON!

  1. earthglade says:

    Wow I love your website and the video about organic cotton. I have learnt so much from just watching this and other series on tv such as Stacey Dooley investigates and the great David Attenborough. I am just starting out as a small retailer. Something I have always wanted to do, but never found the product I believed in enough to do so. I am in the process of trying to find Eco friendly, sustainable, organic and non plastic products. But I also want to educate and do my bit to look after this planet our home. Thank you for this website and keep up the good work. Dave (Earthglade Ltd).

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