Birthdays and Milestones, Less Plastic

6 Months Old

So this Wednesday gone, the 23rd of May to be exact marked in greens 6-month birthday. I can’t believe it’s been 6 months  since we launched! I was so nervous and in fact, sadly full of intrepidation fuelled by self doubt that my online concept store would surely backfire and people would judge me for capitalizing on a crisis. In fact, the experience was anything but, and thankfully the response I have received has compounded my belief in the idea, and my confidence has grown too. I am pleased to say I am not filled with as much self doubt any longer!

Way back when, when I first set about conceptualizing what would eventually become in greens, most of this was abstract and mainly inside my own head. However, whenever I did get the chance to sit down and start planning, I would. And whenever I would read another article about plastic pollution or watch another documentary about the dire state our planet is in, I would be compelled to get back to planning what I hoped would become an informative platform and an agent for much needed change.

While I still don’t feel in greens has fulfilled all of its original ideas yet, I am still planning to expand on these ideas, and bring back Resources for Greener Living as soon as the wholesale website is up and running smoothly, I am still really pleased with the way it’s going.

What I have most enjoyed about running an online shop apart from being really busy most of the time,is the interactions and engagement I have had with so many of you. Instagram is particularly busy with many people asking me questions or telling about something related to the environmental crisis. It’s been brilliant to connect with so many like-minded people and it confirms what I already suspected: so many of us are truly unhappy with the status quo of plastic and the way its used as a material. It’s incredibly refreshing to be part of these conversations. Before in greens sometimes it would feel as though the people I communicated these concerns to, weren’t taking them seriously enough.

What I have found most testing is trying to make the website exactly as I want it to look like, from a visual perspective as well functionally. with my limited budget. All the money the shop raises goes back into to buy replenishments or start new lines. (As it should be!)

Owning a tiny business has also been a huge and really exciting learning curve and I am literally learning new things all the time. I think another aspect I am relishing it the diversity it brings with it. The chance to be creative without confines is also pretty cool too, and to literally get to experience every single part of a company because you’re currently the only person running it!

I am enjoying this journey so much and I am glad to have you all on board!:)




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