New, improved Jerry Bottles

Jerry Bottles just got better!
We are so happy to carry the Jerry bottle.

When we were first approached by someone already using a Jerry bottle, we were astounded we hadn’t heard of them, yet they’re ethos align with our own perfectly.

You see, Jerry bottle’s aren’t your ordinary company. Jerry are a social enterprise trading reusable water bottles for Waterfall Charity. This means 100% of their profits for the charity who are actively working on projects in Tanzania and India, and they’re in it for the long-term.

Here’s what Jerry say:

Your reusable water bottle purchase will fund clean water projects around the world. You pay the market price, but the profits go to water projects, not to owners or shareholders.

We put 100% of our profits straight into water projects around the world.

We are squeezing every drop of money from the sale of each bottle to fund more water projects. We are turning trading on its head by asking retail partners to maximise the margin they give us. jerry is staying lean, keeping staffing low and capping pay.

We are creating efficient and sustainable water projects through matching local solutions to global expertise.

What’s more Jerry are passionately plastic free and are actively working to make an easy navigatable network of water refill points, so that water bottle holders need never go thirsty!

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